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Building peace that lasts



We work towards a world where local communities can sustain peace themselves, without external support. That means we support peacebuilding work that helps develop livelihood opportunities that ensure they can’t be taken advantage of by armed groups. And, in the long-term, it means we are working towards a reality where the peacebuilders we currently work with do not have to rely on support from intermediary organisations like us, or even international funders, to access the resources they need.  

While we work towards that long-term goal, we push international funders to be much more flexible in the way they fund peacebuilding work. Currently, funders often provide funding for single projects – but what happens to the peacebuilding organisation when the programme ends? We encourage the funders we work with to provide flexible, longer-term funding that covers the operational costs of peacebuilding organisations as well as their activities. For peace to be sustainable, peacebuilding organisations need to be sustained.