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About us

Peace Direct exists to support local peacebuilders around the world. Local people are the experts in the conflicts that affect their communities, and only they understand what it takes to build peace that lasts. We work to make sure these local peacebuilders have the resources they need to make peace a reality.

Our approach

We believe local people are the best placed to know what is going on in their communities, because they live it. But they shouldn’t have to build peace alone.

Our mission and strategy

We work in partnership with local peacebuilders and other allies to shift power and resources for sustainable peace. Discover the strategic approach we take to make that mission a reality.

Our people

Peace Direct is an international NGO supporting local people in some of the most challenging conflict environments worldwide. Our team are primarily based in London, UK and Washington DC, USA, working with team members and partners across the world. All our staff work on a hybrid-basis, with Fridays reserved for learning, development, and wellbeing.