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Stand with people living through violent conflict by making a gift to Peace Direct today.



Every donation to Peace Direct helps local peacebuilders creating stronger, safer communities around the world.

We believe the solutions to war and violent conflicts lie in giving local people fair access to the resources, skills, support and the attention of the global community. With your support: We can help communities thrive and make the world a more peaceful place.

Together, we can overcome conflict more rapidly begin preventing violence and humanitarian disasters completely.


  • Local children look out atop Dala Hill, considered to be the first site of settlement in Kano, Nigeria. Photographed by Greg Funnell in 2017.

    Make a regular gift

    Regular gifts are a crucial, sustainable source of income for our local peacebuilding partners. Even a small monthly or yearly donation tells our partners we stand with them, now and for the long term.

  • Esther put her children through school and set herself up producing and selling cassava, with the help of our partner (CRC). Village of Kabasha, North Kivu, DR Congo. Photographed by Greg Funnell in 2016.

    Make a one-off gift

    We know not everyone can make a regular donation. You can still show your solidarity with local peacebuilders and all those living through violent conflict by making a one-off gift today.