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Support Women Peace Champions in Zimbabwe

Envision Women's Trust Zimbabwe - 2023

Peace Direct is collaborating with our partner, Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, to raise crucial funds for 60 Women Peace Champions, who are working to prevent violence against women in the rural community of Hurungwe, Zimbabwe.

  • Published

    2 April 2024
  • Written by

    Mishal Bandukda

Women and girls in Zimbabwe face a myriad of challenges that include gender-based violence, domestic abuse, sexual and reproductive health and menstrual hygiene issues. Peace Direct is collaborating with our partner, Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, to raise crucial funds and awareness for 60 Women Peace Champions, who are working to prevent violence against women in the rural community of Hurungwe, Zimbabwe.

We recognise that peace is not built through training and education alone. For peace to last, we need practical resources. This partnership between Peace Direct and Envision Zimbabwe is to raise funds for the practical necessities which will enable Women Peace Champions to be there for their community.  Peace Champions need access to safe, reliable transport, safety equipment and physical pamphlets – for a community with limited access to electricity, local authorities or online support.

This is a shared appeal between Peace Direct and Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, with all proceeds being equally shared to support the Women Peace Champions in Zimbabwe, as well as Peace Direct’s efforts to support local peacebuilding around the world.



Who are Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust?

As Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust – one of Peace Direct’s local partners, based in Harare, Zimbabwe, we work with women and men in Zimbabwe to facilitate the development of safe communities where girls’ and women’s rights are promoted and protected. In championing women-powered peace in the communities, most of our activities are focused on women and girls’ empowerment.

We work with close to 20,000 community members in the rural Hurungwe District in Zimbabwe. Since 2010, we have trained community members in conflict transformation and provided knowledge on women’s rights and the law. This led to us forming local peace committees, comprised of both men and women. These trained community volunteers help encourage and maintain peace in the community by acting as mediators or facilitating peaceful dialogue in cases of domestic violence or disputes.

Supporting Women Peace Champions

Now we are selecting 60 women from these peace committees to be official Peace Champions in the community, who will lead the way to promote and champion women-powered peace.

The community has shared that they find women both approachable and nurturing in dealing with conflict matters. Additionally, in traditional Zimbabwean society, women don’t usually play a leading role in communities. This work will give women the platform to be leaders in their community and empower other women to be more aware of their rights. As trusted and local community members, these women are ideal Peace Champions, and can conduct door-to-door visits with ease.

The Hurungwe District is rural, with homes spread several kilometres apart with limited access to electricity. Travel at night – when many cases of domestic violence occur –  is difficult and unsafe, and during the day the heat and long distances to walk prove a challenge. Additionally, there is no police station in the area meaning it takes time to report serious incidents to the authorities, leaving community members vulnerably experiencing violence.

How will Peace Direct and  Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust use my money?

Envision’s share of the appeal proceeds will be used to support all aspects of their work, with a focus on these items requested by the Women Peace Champions:

  • Transport: We will ensure that 60 Women Peace Champions have access to safe transportation around the villages through provision of bicycles. Being able to reach areas that are affected by domestic conflict is crucial to eliminating violence and maintaining peace;
  • Visibility of Women Peace Champions: We will provide branded uniforms and equipment to protect them from the heat as they travel between home visits. Identification via uniforms promotes their work better and makes them easily identifiable to community members seeking help;
  • Safety and security of the Women Peace Champions: Given the lack of electricity, solar torches and whistles will help keep Peace Champions safe during their frequent night travel to homes where violence is taking place;
  • Educational resources for the community: This is a rural district, with limited access to online support and no local police presence. As Women Peace Champions interact with the community, they can distribute pamphlets with key referral and support information for survivors of violence;


At Peace Direct, we are proud to support local peacebuilders and we want to ensure that funds can be used efficiently and effectively. The funding raised through this appeal will be flexible and free of the arduous red tape that typically delays international funding.


If you’re able, please consider donating to this unique shared appeal with Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust. With your support, we can help Women Peace Champions in Zimbabwe to lead the way in promoting a more peaceful and safe community for all, while continuing our work as Peace Direct to promote local approaches to ending violent conflict around the world.

Read more about Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust and follow their work below:






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