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The Live Below the Line diet?


Could living below the line shift some pounds from your waist to your wallet?

  • Published

    20 April 2014
  • Written by

    Neil Davda

In the Peace Direct office we have been getting geared up for the Live Below the Line challenge this month and naturally a few questions have been raised: Can I still go to the gym? Will I be tired and irritable? Could I lose weight? Claire, a veteran of the challenge, dashed some hopes by claiming the latter was not possible – but it seems there is a chance, as this little piece of news aptly demonstrates.

A woman in Nottingham recently managed to lose an incredible five stone, ten pounds by simply following a World War Two ration book diet. After replacing junk food with retro dishes like spam fritters, she claims the weight just fell off her. As if that wasn’t enough, her weekly food bill has reduced by 80 per cent – falling from £70 to just £14!

So if you’re feeling inspired to shift some pounds from your waist to your wallet, and then perhaps to our work, check out our Live Below the Line campaign and help us make a difference to those people suffering a poverty created by war.


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