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Too Southern To Be Funded: The Funding Bias Against the Global South


Donor countries must honour their commitments to genuine development. Sign our open letter demanding #UntiedAid to promote fairness and empower communities in the Global South, and read the research underpinning this campaign.

  • Published

    22 April 2024

Together with the #ShiftThePower movement, we have produced new research on systemic imbalances in the distribution of funding from the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

We have found that despite commitments to support Southern leadership and civil society, approaches to ‘tied aid’ are disproportionately benefiting organisations within DAC member countries, while marginalising those in the Global South. Our research paints a stark picture: Less than 10% of aid from the OECD DAC directly reaches CSOs in the Global South.

This practice not only discriminates against the Global South but also undermines the spirit of the 2001 DAC Recommendation on Untying Official Development Assistance.

The #ShiftThePower movement believes practice of ‘tied aid’ is a relic of the past that continues to hinder progress in global development.

Today, we’ve published an open letter demanding justice for Global South CSOs, and we invite you to add your voice:

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Read the full report – Too Southern To Be Funded

Executive Summary (Landscape)

Executive Summary (Portrait)

Watch our video explainer on the campaign:


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