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Peace Direct does Glasto


This year the PD stewards will once again be heading to Glastonbury Festival of the Arts for the annual summer festival. We enjoyed it so much last year that we have been counting down the days in the office since Christmas!

  • Published

    18 June 2014
  • Written by

    Neil Davda

This year the Peace Direct stewards will once again be heading to Glastonbury Festival of the Arts on 27 June, for which Peace Direct will be paid nearly £2,000. But apart from the much-needed income, we enjoyed it so much last year that we’ve been counting down the days since Christmas…

Now it’s just around the corner, so for anyone else who’s going there this summer, here are our Top Five Tips for making it more than just the world’s best music festival:

5. Visit the healing fields for a bit of rest and relaxation. Here you can meditate, enjoy a massage or just chill to soothing sounds. (You may need this come Sunday morning.)

4. Check out the circus! Yes that’s right, it has its own circus. From fire-juggling to acrobatics, there is something to excite everyone here. Just don’t turn up in a clown costume.

3. Not what you would expect at a music festival, but it seems many folk like to head to the mystical stone circle to watch the sunset. It makes a nice break before the night sets in – and you get a great view of the whole festival.

2. For the night owls, The Beat Hotel is a great place to party into the small hours. (You may want to revisit number five in the morning if you head here.)

1. 2014 promises to be the biggest summer of sport since, well, 2012. This is ample reason to head over to the cinema stage, where they could be showing matches from the World Cup or Wimbledon. Where better to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the games? After all, it could be our year!

So there you have it. Five reasons why you should do more than just watch your favourite bands at Glasto this year. You can find the Peace Direct team stewarding in Shangri-La and looking after lost children in the Kidz Field. We’ll see you somewhere there.


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