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Support Peacebuilders in Pakistan Today


Join Peace Direct as we launch our first partner-led appeal to support young peacebuilders in Pakistan. We are spotlighting the work of our our local peacebuilding partner, Chanan Development Association (CDA). All funds raised will be shared equally between CDA and Peace Direct, to support the work of young peacebuilders in Pakistan, and ensure Peace Direct can continue supporting local peacebuilding efforts around the world.

  • Published

    15 November 2023
  • Written by

    Mishal Bandukda

Peace Direct is collaborating with our partner, Chanan Development Association (CDA), to raise funds for young peacebuilders in Pakistan. Every part of this appeal has been co-created alongside local peacebuilders. All donations will be shared equally between Peace Direct and CDA – to support the work of young peacebuilders in Pakistan and ensure we can continue supporting local efforts around the world.




Who are Chanan Development Association?

The Chanan Development Association (CDA) are a local peacebuilding organisation based in Lahore, Pakistan. So far, they have supported and empowered over 800,000 young women, girls, boys and transgender people across Pakistan to create more inclusive, tolerant and peaceful communities.


Young people and minorities in Pakistan face great challenges – from social stigma to religious divides and ever-increasing climate disasters. Despite all this, CDA continue to empower young people, women and marginalised groups who believe in a cohesive Pakistan. They are proud to champion the aspirations of young people, and invite you to join them in their pursuit of an inclusive future for their country.

“There are such negative perceptions of Pakistan in the media. I hope this appeal will show you what we know to be true: a fair, inclusive, peaceful, and just Pakistan is possible.” - Muhammad Shahzad Khan, Executive Director at Chanan Development Association.

How will Peace Direct and the Chanan Development Association use my money?

The funding raised through this appeal will be flexible and free of the arduous red tape that typically delays international funding. Your donations will be used to support all aspects of CDA’s life changing work, including:

  • Youth-led peacebuilding: Bringing young peacebuilders of all regional, ethnic, and religious divides together to create peace that lasts.
  • Women and minorities for peace: Empowering women, girls, and transgender communities to play an active role in building peace.
  • Funding for grassroots: We provide small grants to individuals and small-scale peacebuilding initiatives who are often missed out of international funding opportunities.
  • Climate disasters: Help us to build climate solutions that protect marginalised communities and prevent conflict from breaking out in times of crisis



If you’re able, please consider donating to this partner-led appeal. With your support, we can help young peacebuilders in Pakistan to create a more inclusive and peaceful country for all.

Read more about CDA and follow their work 


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