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Newham youngsters set for National Awards

  • Published

    22 May 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

The Newham-based youth conflict resolution project, Truce 20/20 and one of its participants have been nominated for two of the prestigious National PeerLink Awards.

Arnaud Mpeke, 19 from Stratford is on the shortlist for Best Peer Trainer for his work in local schools on the ‘Big Up Cool Down’ project organised by Conflict & Change.

Meanwhile the Truce 20/20 Steering Group of seven young people have been nominated in the Best Group category. They are, Fiaza Muhammed, 21 ,Geurda Bondonga, 19 , Andre Campbell-Evans, 22 ,Henry Katende, 19, Janine Francois, 21, Anneka Ariyo, 18 and Arsha Qamar, 20.

Truce 2020, now in its second year, is part funded by Newham Council and run by Peace Direct and Conflict & Change. Around 70 young people have attended the Truce training and many have since gone on to work with young people in local schools, youth clubs and other organisations.

The National Peerlink Awards will be held next month at the Royal Horticultural Conference Centre near Westminster.

Hannah Pennock, Truce Project Manager said:

To be shortlisted for these awards is a huge pat on the back for all the Truce participants, and Arnaud in particular. So often there are only negative stories about young people and this is a chance to show the positive side.

Klaudia Balerdi, Secondary Schools and Youth Officer who nominated Arnaud for the award said:

I’m very lucky to work with a young person who is so committed, enthusiastic and ambitious as Arnaud. We’re very proud to have him on board of the Truce 20/20 project. We’ll all be keeping our fingers crossed that he wins.

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