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Migration & Peacebuilding

  • Published

    20 September 2022

During 2021, the world witnessed the highest level of displacement and migration since the Second World War, with the number of people forced to flee their homes doubling over the last decade. Migration & Peacebuilding explores the inherent relationship between conflict and migration patterns, and how local peacebuilders are key to understanding and stopping the structural violence that perpetuates forced displacement around the world.

Migration & Peacebuilding is the culmination of research, discussions, and learning exchanges with over 100 peacebuilders, immigration justice advocates, humanitarian workers, academics, and others working tirelessly for displaced people.

Exploring the inherent violence in global migration and conflict across a displaced person’s journey, this report seeks to highlight how peacebuilding and migration need to be more intrinsically linked in approaching global development and peace processes.

This report was produced by Peace Direct in collaboration with the American Friends Service Committee, Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security, and Search for Common Ground.

Download the full report in English

Summaries of the report are also available in Arabic, French and Spanish:

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