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Meet our new peacebuilders

  • Published

    22 April 2010
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

For the past few years Landry Nintereste and Flory Kazingufu have been reporting on local peacebuilding initiatives in Burundi and Congo for our Insight on Conflict website. During this time we have seen the quality of their work and their dedication to helping their communities live without violence, and we are delighted to support their work and welcome them as partners.

Landry Nintereste was just nine years old when civil war broke out in Burundi and having grown up in the shadow of violence he is determinde to support the Burundian peace process. In 2007 he, and other students set up the Amahoro Youth club.They are entirely volunteer led and their projects range from peer to peer education of street kids; workshops with university students to challenge ingrained beliefs; and working with young people who do not have access to education – those most likely to be targets for political manipulation. With funding from Peace Direct Landry will work with young people to prevent violence in the build up to the elections starting in May. Find out more

Flory Kazingufu is a man with a clear vision – to build peace and change lives. He and four others set up the Foundation Chirezi in eastern Congo in 2002. They started with nothing but hope giving free education to vulnerable children under the shade of a tree. Their school now has nine buildings and over 500 children come to class each day. As the school has grown so has the foundation, and they use a traditional structure of community forums – Baraza – to reach villages across South Kivu through the commitment of trained community volunteers of peace and community parliaments. With funding from Peace Direct Flory will set up two new Baraza and reach out to hundreds of people in the local community. Find out more

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