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Keystone Accountability Survey: listening to partners


The Development Partnerships Survey from Keystone Accountability is an innovative survey of the performance of international NGOs. Kai Hopkins, from Keystone Accountability explains what makes the survey unique.

  • Published

    7 November 2013
  • Written by

    Kai Hopkins


This week sees publication of the Development Partnerships Survey from Keystone Accountability. This is an innovative survey of the performance of international NGOs, according to the views of their local partners. It has looked at 62 INGOs since 2010, including leading agencies such as CARE and Christian Aid.

The survey is a vehicle for partners in developing countries to provide honest feedback to their INGOs on what works, what does not work and how to improve, and importantly allows INGOs to understand their relative performance through benchmarks with other INGOs.

Because partners are the agents of INGOs, and remain long after the relationship with the INGO comes to an end, it is crucial to support them as best one can. This survey lets INGOs know whether they are doing so, and serves as a platform for a more meaningful and open dialogue with their partners.

This short report highlights some of the key findings that have emerged from 4 years of conducting the surveys with over 60 INGOs. There are some interesting insights; some intuitive, some more surprising. INGOs can come and take the survey whenever they like, and begin the process of improving important partner relationships.

For more information on the Development Partnerships Survey, please contact Kai Hopkins on [email protected].


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