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Elections & Ethiopian withdrawal

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    12 January 2009
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“I am heading off to Djibouti from 15 to 30 January. People are vying for the presidency – there had been a plan to have a very limited election in Baidoa but we have fought against this for a much broader process in Djibouti. Under the TFG charter the election should have happened within ten days, which has long expired. It’s important the process doesn’t get hijacked.

“People are worried about security on the ground as the Ethiopians withdraw and there seems to be a power struggle developing within the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia (ARS) as well.

“We need resources to create a very strong alliance of people who will put Somalia first – this would be a loose grouping, at least to begin with. Resources are needed to facilitate informal and formal discussions, roving advocates etc.”


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