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2022 Impact Report

Local children look out atop Dala Hill, considered to be the first site of settlement in Kano, Nigeria. Photographed by Greg Funnell in 2017.
  • Published

    15 June 2023

Over 2022 – a year marked by deadly natural disasters and devastating new conflicts – local peacebuilders demonstrated extraordinary resilience and found new ways to address the causes and consequences of violence.

Our 2022 Impact Report highlights their endeavours – and ours – to create a more peaceful world. Across 13 countries, our 25 local partners directly reached more than 85,000 people.

Our partners’ projects were diverse, from early warning networks that directly prevented violence, to livelihood programmes supporting the agency of women in conflict-affected communities. Even, in Eastern DR Congo, enabling cooperatives to develop sustainable, conflict-free gold mining that reintegrated former combatants and got 950 children back into school.

Young people brought innovative, intersectional approaches to building peace in their communities, using small, flexible grants provided through our Youth Action for Peace programme.

And some partners pushed through extremely hostile conditions to deliver lifesaving support – including supporting women’s rights groups in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, and protecting marginalised groups in secret in Myanmar.

We continued to stand by our partners, not only by channelling funding and providing programmatic support, but by amplifying their voices to change the sector – addressing the structural barriers of structural racism and distrust that stand in their way.

Yet again, local peacebuilders have proven the unique effectiveness and sustainability of their efforts – for lasting local, and global, peace. Read all about their work in our 2022 Impact Report now:



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