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2015 Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders prize shortlist


We announce the shortlist for this year's Tomorow's Peacebuilders prizes, our annual awards that celebrate the world's top locally-led peacebuilders.

  • Published

    3 November 2015
  • Written by

    Chris Walker

The shortlist for Tomorow’s Peacebuilders, our annual awards that celebrate the world’s top locally-led peacebuilders, has been finalised – leaving 10 of the 250 applicants to pass through to the next stages of the competition.

Following weeks of deliberation, the shortlist for this year’s prizes have been decided by an international panel of judges – and the competition has been stiffer than ever. 250 peacebuilding organisations from across the globe entered, our largest ever number of applicants, from which 10 successful entries have reached the next stage of assessment. The organisations offer a fascinating snapshot of locally-led peacebuilding efforts around the world.

This comes at a time of growing calls for a global shift in funding towards local aid organisations – this year’s World Disasters Report from the Red Cross argued for the ‘localising’ of aid, and last month a UN conference in Geneva heard calls for local organisations to receive up to 20% of aid funding.

These are the type of organisations Peace Direct supports – they hail from every corner of the world, and despite their diverse backgrounds share in common a desire to build lasting peace within their communities. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in December and will each receive $10,000 towards their project. They will also have the chance to reach out to several of our partners, who will be attending the event.

“We have been encouraged by the immense competition for the Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders awards this year,” said Ruairi Nolan, awards manager. “It is clear to see there is a real appetite for success from local peacebuilders and we are happy to support their wonderful work.”

The shortlist is as follows:

  • Adyan Foundation: Prevents violent extremism among young people in Lebanon and across the Middle East, using social media and school programmes.
  •  B-Gifted: Helps former child soldiers, amputees and others affected by Sierra Leone’s civil war to overcome their traumas.
  • Combatants for Peace: Deploys former combatants from both sides to build peace between Israelis and Palestinians.
  • FUNDAMIL: Empowering women in war-torn Colombia through education, job training and leadership training.
  • Genesis: Helps children in post-war Bosnia overcome ethnic segregation, the psychological legacy of war, and the risk of landmines.
  • Jerusalem Intercultural Center: Bridges the divides between hostile communities in the city of Jerusalem, helping them work together on urban projects.
  • Karakutu: Creates ‘Memory Walks’ in Istanbul, Turkey, to tell the hidden stories of persecuted minotiries including Armenians and Jews.
  • Nuon: Provides children in Syrian refugee camps with peace books and education, helping them steer clear of war.
  • Paiman: Prevents violent extremism in Pakistan by helping mothers of extremists, training local leaders and confronting extremists.
  • Rural Women Peace Link: Women’s network in Kenya working to stop sexual violence, promote women’s rights and prevent election-related conflict.

For more information on this year’s shortlisted organisations, see:

If you would like to know more about our awards ceremony in London next month, please contact Ruth Tidy: [email protected]


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