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Young Visionaries introduce themselves

  • Published

    2 June 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

This is the copy from a leaflet the Young Visionaries prepared to introduce themselves to the world written in all three languages.

We are a multi-ethnic group of youngsters, striving for positive social change leading to a more inclusive, respectful and just society where everyone is accepted and respected for their own identities, without fear of discrimination. We strongly believe if we harness the energies of the young generation, they have the power to influence this social change. We have recognised the need and the potential in the youth to fulfil this task. However, they lack enough opportunities, support and encouragement within the social system.

Understanding the context, being motivated by our own will and capacities, and the facilitative support of the Center for Peace Building and Reconciliation (CPBR), we founded ‘Young Visionaries’; an initiative of a young movement to create space, and support young, talented individuals to join hands for a better future. At present Young Visionaries have a presence in the United Kingdom and plan to be a global group in the near future, so all Sri Lankan youth living abroad can unite, sharing a similar goal.

We believe that ‘unity through diversity’ is a better solution towards the development of humanity. ‘Young Visionaries’ provide a safe, inclusive and respectful space where everyone can work together, improving their skills and sharing values, while keeping their own identities. It would not be a melting pot but a salad bowl wherein the diversity is savoured and celebrated. Therefore we believe in blending all ethnicities and religions as well as gender.

We believe that the youth should be empowered and encouraged, to make them confident in the process of changing the system. We intend to focus on providing facilitative guidance which will help to mould future leaders with the ability to carry out action with the vision to make a change.

We strongly believe that by using creative means such as art (performing arts, visual arts and literature) as tools, we can effectively address, question and challenge the system, to convince the society that the system needs to be changed. We intend to demonstrate the alternatives leading to change. This is our first step in our long journey towards that change. So let us march along.

“Vision without action is just a dream
Action without vision is just passing time
Action with vision will change the world!”
– Nelson Mandela-


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