Where we work - Peace Direct

Peace Direct supports peacebuilding work on the frontlines of conflict in 15 countries around the world, partnering with 25 local organisations, and supporting over 200 through small granting programmes.




We support EPD, a local organisation dedicated to empowering women and youth at the community and policy level in Afghanistan Read more »


In Burundi we support a local network of activists to report on violence and human rights abuses and prevent young people from turning to violence. Read more »

Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, we work with Uru, a youth-led organisation working to build bridges between youth and decision-makers. Read more »

DR Congo

In DR Congo we support five local organisations working to stop war and build livelihoods. Read more »


In Mali we support a number of community-led peacebuilding projects, strengthening connections and increasing coordination within civil society across the country. Read more »


In Myanmar, we work with organisations leading atrocity prevention and response interventions. Read more »


In Nigeria we support local organisation PIN to tackle some key drivers of violence in the fight against Boko Haram. Read more »


In Pakistan we support local organisation, Aware Girls, to stop young people turning to extremism and violence. Read more »


In the Philippines We support local organisation Kapamagogopa Incorporated (KI) to bring communities back together in Mindanao, the region worst affected by the conflict. Read more »

Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka we support local organisation, the Centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation (CPBR), which aims to reconcile previously divided ethnic and religious groups, engaging with religious and community leaders and with youth. Read more »


In the city of Kismayo, we work with local organisation, SADO, to provide skills training in mechanics, electronics and tailoring. This supports local young people to build livelihoods, get jobs and earn an income, providing a practical alternative to militant groups or the treacherous boat journey across the Mediterranean. Read more »


In Sudan, we focus on supporting work to resolve local level disputes in the southern region of South and West Kordofan. Read more »


In Syria, we are working with Hurras, a local organisation focused on rebuilding social cohesion and supporting recovery between traumatized communities. Read more »


Our local partner, Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, addresses a deeply embedded culture of violence by training traditional local leaders and the police force in conflict transformation and non-violent policing techniques. Read more »