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Roughly $3 trillion is spent on wars each year. That’s $400 for each person on the planet – more than a dollar a day.

The true cost of war is even higher. Lives lost, communities destroyed and families torn apart. The human cost of war cannot be counted with numbers alone.

This is wrong. We must take action.

Say NO to war. Sign the #PeacePledge today!

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Peace Direct is an international not-for-profit committed to stopping wars and building peace. We believe that local people can and should resolve conflicts in their communities. We partner with them directly to end and prevent violence.

Our approach is radical, but not controversial. Local communities are the route out of war. We champion and support them. We help local peacebuilders save and transform lives.

For many of us the world has never been more dangerous. Show your support for the people building a more peaceful future for us all by adding your name today.