Together, we can stop wars, one person at a time.

Masika is 13 years old. She lives in DR Congo.


Masika was helping her aunt collect firewood when she was captured by soldiers and forced to join the militia.


She lived a life no child should live.

Photo by Greg Funnell


Thankfully, she was found by our local partner.

They gave her food, shelter and psychological support.

They will find her family, or a foster home to take care of her, and provide skills training or support her to go back to school.

Local people stopping war and building peace were a lifeline to Masika.

They urgently need your support.

The difference your donation can make

$19 could pay for our local partners in DR Congo to trek into the bush, negotiate with rebel leaders, and rescue child soldiers.

$57 could free two woman working in a militia allowing them to return to their families.

$230 could train one young person on the Afghan-Pakistan border with the skills to resist extremism.