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Sudan Blue Nile community meetings

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    21 January 2009
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“CfPS organises monthly meetings in the Blue Nile to explore peacebuilding opportunities and spread awareness about the coming elections.


  1. Copies of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) were distributed amongst communities.
  2. Five volunteers from each town assisted the organisation of the meetings.
  3. Government authorities approved the meeting and even sent representatives to participate.
  4. The committee helped resolve a conflict between the Angassana and Ambararu tribes which killed ten people.
  5. Trust was built between local people and CfPS.
  6. The committees were in the region to tackle the issue of election violence.
  7. The committees are working with local media to produce programmes on these issues, to be broadcast on national television.


  1. There is difficulty in moving from one village to another due to the lack of means of transport and the high cost of vehicle rent.
  2. People wanted posters and loudspeakers (public address system) that are not available to the committees.
  3. Without a paid administrator, coordinating the four committees is slow.
  4. The large number of participants in these meetings requires the provision of adequate number of chairs and expenses (refreshment, etc) that committees can not afford.
  5. Civic education on election and resultant disputes requires enlisting the services of experienced facilitators (not available locally). The committees can not afford to pay them nor provide them with accommodation.
  6. It is imperative to hold joint meetings for the committees every month or every three months. However, the committees do not have required funds.
  7. Work is ever growing in volume as well as responsibilities; while the number of members of committees in charge is limited.



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