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Statement on violence against Palestinians and Israelis


Peace Direct calls for an immediate end to the violent attacks against Palestinians and Israelis. As peacebuilders, we have watched with horror, the devastation and death inflicted on the people of Gaza. We have also watched with horror the rockets launched by Hamas against Israel. Violence, whether inflicted by the Israeli Defence Force or Hamas fighters, is abhorrent and will never lead to a resolution to the long running conflict. 

  • Published

    18 May 2021
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

Our role as peacebuilders requires us to listen to both sides of the conflict, to address the underlying causes of violence, and to seek just outcomes that advance the dignity of all people. 

Palestinians live under occupation, starved of the most basic human rights and freedoms. Ending decades of conflict and violence between Israelis and Palestinians requires not just an immediate halt to the attacks on both sides, but also an end to Israel’s occupation and a renewed search for a just and secure future for all people in the region.

We stand with all Palestinians and Israelis working fervently to end the cycles of violence and forge a peaceful path for the future. The work of local peacebuilders in the region has never been more urgently needed than now.  

Read statements from the Alliance for Middle East Peace and local peacebuilding groups here and join in solidarity with them.


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