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Somalia: The true cost of conflict

  • Published

    2 June 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

As the humanitarian crisis in Somalia worsens by the day, Peace Direct is calling on the international community to remember that no amount of emergency humanitarian aid will compensate for lack of long term peace.
Peace Direct supports the Save Somalia Women & Children (SSWC) project.
“Once again we see how women and children pay the true cost of conflict as they flee the fighting in their thousands to seek refuge under stress with little food or water. Aid agencies have been warning of huge scale human catastrophe and they are doing their best to deal with it but alongside this we must work to resolving the conflict or else innocent Somalians will face the same crisis over and over again.” Warned Tom Gillhespy, Head of International Programmes at Peace Direct.

Oxfam has said the “very dire” humanitarian crisis in Somalia is the worst in Africa for many years. Many of hundreds of thousands of internally-displaced people, the world’s largest such concentration, have little food or shelter. People have been fleeing the capital Mogadishu where there is intense fighting between Islamist guerrillas and pro-government forces.

Click here to find out how you can help SSWC /peacebuilders/somalia/


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