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Bénédicte “Bénie” Yenyi (she/her)

Scoville Fellow


Bénédicte is a Scoville Fellow dedicated to addressing the Intersection of International Peace & Security and development issues. She holds a Master’s in Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. In addition to her concentration in Human Rights and Humanitarian Policy, she has a minor in Technology, Media, and Communications, as well as International Organizations & U.N. Studies. 

Bénédicte’s primary focus lies in the intersection of international peace & security and development. She believes that, beyond addressing immediate security concerns, it is crucial to develop mechanisms that discourage resorting to armed conflict, with development being a key avenue. 

Her professional experience includes serving as a student consultant for the United Nations, Executive Office of the Secretary-General. In this role, she contributed to the production of a policy document aimed at implementing the Sustainable Development Goals Stimulus plan in Ghana, Malawi, and Uganda. 

Bénédicte has also interned with the Office of Governor Phil Scott of Vermont, where she engaged in four projects studying Vermont communities. She played a key role in drafting and presenting policy recommendations. Additionally, she worked with Doctors Without Borders, where she assisted senior staff with research. She analyzed eight media projects developed in response to emerging humanitarian news and compiled a tri-annual “media highlights” kit for the press.