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Swaadna Al Souriya


Swaadna – Syria 

Swaadna Al Souriya is an organisation in Syria, focussed on supporting children, women, and poor families. They were established in 2015 to support children affected by the Syrian conflict to return to school and regain a sense of structure in their lives. They also support women’s empowerment, food security, and building livelihoods.

As a result of the Syrian conflict, over 2 million displaced children have had their schooling disrupted. Many have lost parents, and a complete lack of normality has impacted the lives of many Syrian young people.  

Each year, Swaadna helps hundreds of young people in Syria return to school, which reduces their vulnerability to recruitment by armed groups and provides them with a safe space to recover from the trauma of the conflict. They offer supplementary classes in maths, English and Arabic to children whose schooling has been disrupted in order to prepare them for their reintegration into the formal education system.  

Peace Direct has partnered with Swaadna since 2021 to support their education and child protection work in Northern Syria.  

Learn more about Swaadna on their website: 


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