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HIVE is a youth-led social-impact organisation working to address issues of extremism and marginalisation in Pakistan. They are a resource for civil society groups and social enterprises working to create a more inclusive, equal and peaceful Pakistan. 

HIVE offers training, mentoring and networking opportunities to small community-based actors, and partners with field experts across Pakistan to raise awareness of and promote dialogue on extremism and peacebuilding.  They also bring together activists, entrepreneurs and artists on projects addressing local and national challenges. 

Peace Direct has partnered with HIVE since 2019 as part of our Youth Action for Peace programme (YAPP). Through this flexible funding programme, we provide small grants to youth peacebuilders across Pakistan. As a hub partner, HIVE identifies and offers these grants to nascent grassroots peacebuilders, supporting them to create and deliver their own local peacebuilding initiatives. 

In 2022, HIVE funded an initiative to build an inclusive social space for a community in Sandan Kallan, Pakistan. This space promotes open, intergenerational dialogue and strives to recognise the voices of marginalised communities, including religious minority groups and women. Since its creation, it has hosted diverse discussions and events. Lower-class villagers sit together with key local influencers to participate jointly in community discussions. For the first time in the village’s history, women were included, and women’s issues were discussed publicly. 

HIVE also supported a youth initiative promoting religious tolerance in Karachi, Sindh, which brought secular and Islamic school students together to engage in healthy debate. The project built bridges across ideological differences, as young people listened to new perspectives and had healthy disagreements that did not escalate to intolerance or exclusion. The initiative also formed a network of 25 student ambassadors from 10 educational institutions, who will work together to promote interfaith  dialogue and tolerance.

In 2023, consolidating a decade of learning, HIVE launched Community Innovation Lab (CIL) which is a collaborative action-learning space that examines, incubates, and catalyzes innovative solutions to complex social problems at the community level. CIL provides on-demand support using a flexible and adaptive methodology to local actors across Pakistan.

Learn more about Hive on their website, about their Community Innovation Lab and on social media: Twitter/Facebook.


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