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Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation, Home for Diversity


Centre for Peacebuilding and Reconciliation (CPBR) is an NGO that promotes peace-building , non-violent conflict transformation  in Sri Lanka. Since 2002 they have worked at the community and national level to address conflict between ethnic, religious and regional groups, women, community level youth leaders, educators and students. Recently, CPBR has started to work with LGBTQIA+ youth groups from diverse faith and ethnic backgrounds.

In the second phase of its evolving journey, from 2019 CPBR has been exploring the role of Earth life design principles” in peacebuilding and conflict transformation, bringing Earth as Master in transformative journeys. Instead of homogenisation, centralisation and standardisation, CPBR promotes heterogenisation, power-sharing/interdependence and diversity, all while contributing to craft a world which practises inclusivity and dignity at all levels, nonviolence , Earth-care and fair share.

Peace Direct has worked in partnership with CPBR since 2006. CPBR uses an approach based on inter-religious dialogue between believers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity in religious settings while exploring the role of art, craft and earth and hand wisdom in peacebuilding in secular settings. In recent history CPBR has been exploring the role of social entrepreneurship in peacebuilding, working with women, young women, and girls from diverse backgrounds. The organisation aims to restore broken relationships and foster peaceful coexistence through healing oneself, others and earth. CPBR believe self transformation is the heart of any transformative journey. CPBR mainly work with groups they consider as holding the greatest influence and promise for transformation: male and female religious leaders, women, educators and young people.

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