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Kaylene is combining beautiful prints with her passion for peace


Kaylene Alder is a freelance illustrator and screen printer living and working in South London. Concerned about the worsening security situation around the world, she decided to combine her artistic skills and her passion for peace to fundraise for us.

  • Published

    19 May 2017
  • Written by

    Lucy Graham

From a screen printing studio in Peckham, Kaylene Alder creates beautiful works of art. Her work has ranged from prints of ocean liners, schooners, and canoes, to contortionists and farm animals, all rendered in opulent colours.

But the birth of her first child last year prompted her to question the state of the world, and what it might be like once her daughter had grown up.


‘’The world seems to be suffering more than ever and I felt powerless and downhearted about the state of things’’

Concerned about the scale of violence in the world today, Kaylene decided to bring together her artistic skill with an attempt to promote peace around the world.


Galvanised by the possibility of peace and inspired by the work of local people the world over, Kaylene has started a print collection called Plant Prints for Peace.

Combining elegant botanical shapes with rich colours, Kaylene is creating prints that will help fund the work of our local partners. She is donating 10% of the sale of each print to Peace Direct.

‘’You are doing such amazing work and I feel strongly that by supporting you, I am making a difference’’

Artisanal and practical skills are something that many of our local partners teach.

Having such a skill can give somebody a chance to rebuild their life after war, or give them an alternative to joining a militant group in Somalia or DR Congo by giving them a chance to make a living peacefully.

Kaylene’s talent, combined with her commitment to peace, is a lesson that whatever you do, you can use it to make a difference, and help stop wars, one person at a time.


Kaylene will be exhibiting her work at the Paxton Centre in Crystal Palace 1-30 June 2017. 

Visit Kaylene’s website here to see her work and purchase prints




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