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Demobilising militia

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    18 April 2008
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“At the moment we are preoccupied with a critical situation concerning two different military groups. Almost 700 militia (475 of them from the Mai-Mai group) have agreed to come out of their jungle hiding places and demobilise. A small number also want to integrate into the national army. We’ve just come back from Rutsuru, which is around 300km from Beni where we worked with them for a week.

Peace Direct’s money is currently supporting those men who have left the militia, as well as the population who have already welcomed them.

The situation is very tense; after we left Rutsuru, sporadic fighting with light arms broke out (Sunday 20 April) which could make the situation worse. In collaboration with the UN, we have called on them to ceasefire and respect humanitarian principles. We need to move quickly.

We recognise your love for peace work in the DR Congo and we are continuing to support your passion by constructing peace in this country torn apart by war, injustice and poverty.

CRC Director”


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