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  • Published

    1 June 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

Peace Direct’s Chief Executive Carolyn Hayman is on a two week trip to Africa. She’s on  her way to Mozambique to visit one of the most extraordinarily successful disarmament projects, FORMICRES, started by a former child soldier Albino Forquilha. Peace Direct’s organised a meeting between Albino and Henri Bura Ladyi from DR Congo who’s begun a similar operation there.

Carolyn’s promised to keep us updated on her travels…

“My biggest challenge on this trip to Mozambique DRC and Sudan is mastering the videocam. There’s so much interesting stuff that I want to capture but the technology bundle (under advice from well meaning relatives in the film biz) just keeps getting bigger and bigger. For someone whose last birthday card from the office lampooned my technical skills…well. let’s just say it’s that, rather than the more obvious challenges, that has kept me awake at nights. Watch this space..”


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