Local Action Fund

Through our new fund and grant-making programme, we will be able to support a larger number of locally-led atrocity prevention and response interventions in Myanmar and Nigeria.

We believe that local organisations, initiatives and communities are best placed to respond to early warning signs of violence and unrest. That’s why we work with local peacebuilders to find and enable efforts that contribute to resilience; making conflicts less likely in the future, and strengthening people’s ability to find solutions to conflict without resorting to violence.


In 2019, we launched the Local Action Fund — our grant-making programme allowing us to reach a larger number of community-designed peacebuilding initiatives.

The Local Action Fund builds on our existing efforts to provide local peacebuilders with the connections and support that they are often unable to access due to their size or type of work that they implement.


Through the Fund, we hope to build bridges within civil society, and support peacebuilding organisations to respond to violence and potential atrocities locally and swiftly.


The Fund will not only give local organisations more flexible funding options for their work, but will also allow us to support a growing ecosystem of peacebuilders who share common goals.


Through the Local Action Fund, we can be flexible and innovative in how we can support peacebuilding work; reaching more people and more communities through small grants.


With this Fund, we can respond to where support is needed urgently, allowing communities to respond and react to incidents of violence at the first signs of tensions, preventing violence before it begins.


In November 2019 the first grant was given through the Fund, to a community association in Kano, Nigeria. This support enabled boreholes to be drilled as part of a project to address the water shortage – something that often leads to inter-communal violence and can quickly escalate.


The Local Action Fund will initially support local work in two locations: Myanmar and Nigeria, where we will work with local advisers to identify peacebuilding work taking place.

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