Stories of peace

"Without KI, we would not survive": the local organisation saving lives in the Philippines

When violence broke out in the city of Marawi, Philippines, summer 2017, our local partner mobilised immediately to support those who had fled. Read more »

The Syrian war left me disabled but that won't stop me: Mahmoud's story

Mahmoud is from Syria, a place torn apart by seven years of war. Mahmoud is disabled because of this. But that has not stopped him. Read more »

Masika is 13.

She lives in DR Congo. Masika was helping her aunt collect firewood when she was captured by soldiers and forced to join the militia.

She was forced to live a life no child should live.

Thankfully, she was found by our local partner. They gave her food, shelter and psychological support.

They will find her family, or a foster home to take care of her, and provide skills training or support her to go back to school.

Local people stopping war and building peace were a lifeline to Masika.

They urgently need your support.