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Three steps you can take to build peace today

  • Published

    24 April 2013
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

Have you ever wondered how you can make a big difference by supporting our work in conflict zones worldwide? Well you can. In three simple steps you could help stop more conflicts, save more lives and heal more communities. We support local peacebuilders because they can make a small gift go a very long way and ensure it is used where it is needed most. So give monthly, give now and give your support.

Give monthly: grow peace

You can support us as we try to grow peace. A monthly gift of £10 to our Grow Peace fund will help to build peace in Burundi, Kashmir and DR Congo. The Grow Peace Fund takes small peace organisations and grows them, so they can make a bigger difference in their communities.

Why give monthly? It makes a real and lasting difference to communities affected by conflict.

Without regular donations we wouldn’t be able to achieve what we do. Regular donations are a powerful way to support us because they provide stability. Stability for our peacebuilders who work so hard to grow peace. Stability for the communities they work in.

Give monthly and help to grow peace in war torn countries.

Give now: women building peace

In today’s war zones, women are prime targets – but they are also powerful peacebuilders. As the focus of war has shifted from the battlefield to the village, so the power to prevent, heal and end wars has shifted to the community – where women play a key role. Peace Direct supports women peacebuilders in conflict zones worldwide. Read more about our partner’s work.

Support their work. Make a donation.

Give support: peace and understanding

We are always looking for volunteers to help with mailings. We welcome you to the Peace Direct office to come and see how we help to build peace. Have a cup of tea with staff and help with the work of Peace Direct.

Unfortunately this year’s Peace in the Park in Sheffield has been cancelled so we will no longer be needing to send volunteers there. However, we are always looking for volunteers to help with mailings.

Contact [email protected] to get involved in building peace.


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