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The Wall of Greatness

  • Published

    13 February 2010
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

This morning the conference members built the Wall Of Greatness. It’s an idea suggested by our session leader Janet – a Ghanaian in a bright blue kaftan whose laughter and wisdom are guiding us through the journey of discovery that this gathering has become.

Janet asked us each to bring in a single object that symbolised what we do for peace, and tell us why.

One peacebuilder brought in a map of his country – “We have never known peace since independence.” Another showed a photo of his baby niece. A third brought a camelskin purse to stand for the safe places she creates for women. A fourth lit a candle to light the dark of war.

We looked at them in silence and Janet said, “This is the wall we are building across the world.”


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