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The nine roles that intermediaries can play in international cooperation

  • Published

    11 January 2023

In recent years, there has been growing scrutiny of the largely unchanged role that INGOs have played in humanitarian, development and peacebuilding efforts. This scrutiny includes the push towards greater ‘localisation’, systems change processes that aim to ‘shift power’ towards more locally led development and global discussions around how to ‘decolonise’ the sector.

The dominant role of the INGO as implementer is now giving way to alternative models of international cooperation. One well established but less common role for INGOs is that of intermediary, though this has often focused on INGOs as conduits for funding to organisations in the Global South. However, the role of intermediary is far richer than just a mechanism for managing donor funds

In this new publication, we explore the nine additional roles for intermediaries, which reflect our experience working with local partners for over 20 years.

You can download a copy in Full Colour and also in Black and White. We also have a version optimised for print. Translated versions are available below.







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