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Students against violence

  • Published

    29 April 2010
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

In the last two days 60 students from across Burundi have come together to put a stop to election-related violence – before it starts.

Burundi faces elections this May, and the great fear is that political parties may use youth groups as military guardians for the leaders. If Burundi is to avoid what Kenya experienced in 2008 it is vital that young people, constituting 60 per cent of the population, become the partisans of democratic, peaceful, transparent and fair elections.

The Amahoro Youth Club has organised this week’s training with 60 students to prepare them to spread this message amongst their friends and families. The training is a mixture of activities and talks from key players, such as the Coalition of Civil Society for Electorial Monitoring (COSOME).

Following this training the students will set up ‘Amahoro committees’ in their universities to take this message to more and more people.

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