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Speak out for local

  • Published

    1 April 2011
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

The UK government is asking the public what they think about how to spend its overseas aid funding. We have sent in our comments, and we are asking all our supporters to join this important debate. It’s your chance to influence what happens – and you have until April 7 to let them know what you think. Here’s the link for your comments:

Our view is that we would like to see the government increasing the local component in their development programmes, on the basis that locally led programmes are more cost-effective, more likely to be sustainable, and have a multiplier effect by bringing resources into the area. This is what we wrote in the comments section:

A very significant way to increase the value for money of UK aid is through increasing the local content of development programmes, particularly in comparison to channelling aid through multilaterals. Locally led programmes are likely to be more cost-effective.Our research suggests locally led disarmament demobilisation and reintegration programmes delivered by local organisations cost one tenth of those delivered by multilaterals, and need not be smaller scale. Hence,in the specific field of conflict resolution, channelling 10% of funding to locally led strategies would effectively almost double the programme's output. Locally led programmes are also more likely to be sustainable and fit for purpose, as well as providing a multiplier effect through channelling income into the local area.

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