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Renewed violence in Mogadishu


  • Published

    18 May 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct


This is to share with you news of the unfortunate renewed cycle of violence in Mogadishu. In the last five days the capital city Mogadishu has been rocked by the heaviest fighting for months as rebels – hardline Islamists, try to topple the government of national unity in place. According to the ministry of information, the fighting has killed at least 113 civilians and around 18,000 have fled the city in fear of their lives – while the effect is getting worse, especially on innocent civilians. This may lead to a big humanitarian catastrophe. A concerned international community has shown their full support in favour of the government and the UN Security Council may come up with more concrete steps that may include UN-led peacekeeping forces to Somalia in the near future. We remain safe and lobbying for civil society to call for an urgent and unconditional ceasefire and peaceful settlement.

Please pray for us.

Halima M. Hassan, for and on behalf of the SSWC.”


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