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Peace Direct supporter Lizzie Davies introduces her free resource pack for personal peace


Peace PAX is a resource pack of interactive, multimedia material to cultivate inner and outer peace, created by Peace Direct supporter Lizzie Davies.

  • Published

    6 February 2014
  • Written by

    Lizzie Davies

As a cult survivor I was determined to use my experience responsibly, to transcend my past experiences and to promote peace and reconciliation in the world, from a creative and universal perspective. And so I created Peace PAX, the fruition of a 15-year journey of personal transformation and of working with individuals and groups in the community. It is a peace offering for our times, made from the heart.

Peace PAX is a resource pack of interactive, multimedia material to cultivate inner and outer peace. It can be used daily weekly, monthly and to mark significant occasions and global events such as The International Day of Peace (21 September).

Peace PAX brings together the languages of silence, light, mime, poetry, music, song, symbols, baking, planting and the Candala (an illuminated art form to light up our world). It also incorporates a teaching video on YouTube for the mime-poem Time for Peace on Earth, and teaching ideas for schools and other groups.

All the material can be downloaded for free from

Peace PAX promotes creativity, unity and peace in a way that is simple, playful and profound. It provides a multi-sensory, holistic approach to learning, and is based on an integrated approach to personal and collective transformation. The work is suitable for use in schools and a wide range of groups and communities such as drama groups, singing workshops, arts festivals, rehabilitation and recovery programmes.

We are inviting people to make their own ‘Time for Peace’ film and post it on YouTube. You can also see the film that we made with young people in East London on The International Day of Peace 2013 and use it as a catalyst to create your own.

I hope that Peace PAX may inspire you to use it in some way in your endeavour to help raise the consciousness of peace in the world. As Albert Einstein observed, “You cannot solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created it. You must learn to see the world anew.”


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