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Peace Direct seeks new Chairperson

  • Published

    14 May 2012
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

When Mai Mai leaders in DR Congo want to disarm, who do they call? Henri Ladyi, named Africa’s Schindler by the Independent newspaper for his work rescuing child soldiers.

How do you persuade a jihadi in the making to turn away from violence? Youth Peace Network in Pakistan work patiently to find young people at risk, build trust, and then open their eyes to a different perspective on the world.

These are three among thousands of peace entrepreneurs, bravely and ingeniously looking for the key that will unlock peace in their country. Peace Direct believes that, although there is a useful role for outsiders such as the UN, the balance of power, resources and status between outsiders and local peacebuilders is badly skewed. More resources and recognition for the highly cost-effective work of locals is needed.

Peace Direct is looking for a new Chair to help us make this argument in the places where it matters – in global philanthropic circles (eg Davos, TED, Clinton Global Initiative) and/or to governments and multilaterals with an interest in conflict resolution – as well as providing leadership to our expert and committed Board and staff. For more information, see the full role specification (pdf), or email [email protected]


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