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Peace Direct relaunches platform highlighting local peacebuilders preventing war & conflict


Peace Insight, the leading online platform for locally-led peace journalism has relaunched today following a comprehensive six-month review. 

  • Published

    7 December 2020
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

The website, which champions expert analysis on local conflicts around the world and maps those working to prevent war – reaches over 50,000 readers every month in 127 countries. With reductions expected to the UK international aid and development budget in the years ahead, Peace Direct – the charity behind the platform – has taken the decision to invest now to maintain public, professional and academic awareness of war and conflict prevention – with a focus on amplifying local perspectives. 

Dylan Mathews, Chief Executive of Peace Direct, said: 

“Most reporting on humanitarianism, development and conflict paints a consistently bleak picture. We always hear the prominent voices - usually those with the most wealth, power and resources. But this reinforces structural imbalances and discriminates against the experiences and expertise of local people and communities.

“Peace Insight is here to change that dynamic – to champion forgotten voices and to shine a light on ‘what works’ when building sustainable peace - something which rarely makes the headlines.”

Peace Insight offers a radical departure from traditional conflict-related journalism. A network of correspondents, peacebuilders and local writers who live and work in areas of the world affected by war, maintain a steady stream of up-to-date perspectives on violence prevention. Organisations can also register to be highlighted as one of thousands of peacebuilding projects across the world – so far the site features over 2,200 groups.

The new platform which hosts a number of improved features, including greater mapping of organisations as well as toolkits and reports, was originally launched in 2007. Since then, the platform has grown to engage a global audience of academics, practitioners and influencers across the world. 

Recent features and coverage includes support for child soldiers in DR Congo who are using theatre to rehabilitate, reintegrate and upskill, expert analysis in the aftermath of the explosion in Lebanon in August 2020, and reporting on how Coronavirus has opened up opportunities for peace and dialogue in Colombia

Common Knowledge, the not-for-profit worker cooperative who worked with Peace Direct to design and develop the new site, said:

We were excited to work on this project because of Peace Insight’s focus on amplifying local voices. We strongly believe in empowering local communities to affect change in their own lives, and helping them share their experiences to inspire others.

We redesigned the site to ensure that the peacebuilders and their stories were front and centre. We wanted visitors to build a familiarity with the theoretical techniques of peacebuilding, through the Resources section, but also to learn about these techniques in action.

Peace Direct is now looking to grow the platform and to work with new writers and journalists around the world who can contribute to Peace Insight. They are looking to people who can provide much needed commentary on local conflicts and information about peacebuilding initiatives. More information on how to contribute can be found by visiting or by contacting the charity directly. 




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