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Peace Direct awarded major new grant by EU

  • Published

    5 November 2014
  • Written by

    Jasmine Mitchell

Peace Direct has just been awarded its first grant from the EU, which represents a powerful endorsement of our approach to local peacebuilders. The grant will be used to expand our unique online platform for peacebuilders, Insight On Conflict, which will cover Kenya.

The Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP), a body of the European Union responsible for conflict prevention and peacebuilding, this grant spotlights our essential insight for the working of international institutions. With our network of local correspondents and experts on the ground covering 27 countries, Insight on Conflict is the leading online resources on the work of local peacebuilders.

Mapping and supporting local, grassroots peacebuilding organisations is at the core of what we do – Insight on Conflict provides up-to-date, real time information on peacebuilding activity from conflict affected regions.

For the initial pilot phase, the funding will allow for expansion of our current activity – building our resources and information on the ground. Specifically, we’ll be producing resources and information on activity in Kenya – part of a mapping process that will align with the work of the EU’s conflict prevention work.

In 2015, we will expand our networks and database, publishing a quarterly newsletter on the best EU-funded peacebuilding projects. Coordinating our work with the largest aid donor in the world, means we can bring local peacebuilders back into the epicentre of decisions making and at the heart of peacebuilding initiatives.

Statement from the Director of Emerging Programmes, Ruairi Nolan:

This funding demonstrates the interest the EU has in local peacebuilding around the world. It’s an exciting opportunity for Peace Direct to expand our Insight on Conflict project, and at the same time be showcasing and researching local peacebuilding to one of the largest and most important donors in the world. This goes to the heart of our mission

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