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Outreach Programme

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    7 November 2006
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“Greetings from Cal! You may remember in October we wrote to you about the Escuela’s first outreach programme in the small village of Santander de Quilichao, in the North Valle del Cauca. We’re very excited about the programme as it is our first attempt to reach women in rural areas and give them the chance to find, develop and promote a peaceful way in Colombia.

I am delighted to give you an update on the first two classes. It has been a very different, but positive experience. Forty-sixwomen enrolled: some black, some indigenous, and some mestizas (racially mixed). They have a very low level of scholarship but great leadership potential. There are two town councilors in the group, and many others have participated in community groups for many years.

The women we are working with are happy because they know they are breaching a wall that will enable them to reach other women. Most of them have to travel for hours to get to the school and many have very few resources.

The women have told us that the priorities for the course should be self-esteem, identity and empowerment. We are working hard to make that happen, and I will be in touch with more news soon.


Colectivo de Mujeres Pazificas”


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