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Our Christmas Survival Kit

  • Published

    22 December 2009
  • Written by

    Peace Direct

We’re really looking forward to Christmas at Peace Direct, mince pies and silly games, however we all know how stressful it can be – no matter how well your family gets on normally. There’s so much pressure for things to be perfect and it can be easy for tensions to rise. So we’ve put together a 10 step Christmas survival kit, to help us all get through this year conflict free. My favourite tip is no 5 – there’s nothing better than taking the family out with the dog after a few glasses of wine and far too many chocolates!

    1. Try and understand how your family fits together and where you sit within it – the more you understand the more objective you can be – and less likely to react without thinking first.
    2. Put things into perspective, you might not be over the moon about something, but is it better to let it go, rather than cause an argument?
    3. Try not to dwell on past issues.
    4. Because you spend a lot of time together at Christmas it can feel like your time to expose issues you might have – but before you do, think about whether this is really the best time
    5. Get outdoors – spend time outside and that goes for all the family. Even if it’s howling a gale, wrap up and go! Taking a walk or generally being outdoors will get rid of pent up energy and irritation leaving you all feeling calm and peaceful.
kashmir in snow
Lake Dal, Kashmir in snow. Photo thanks to Prakar, used under a Creative Commons License
  1. Know what you need, think, and want, and be assertive about getting it, but be respectful. You do not need to be aggressive to be assertive.
  2. Plan ahead and be prepared so you do not feel like you are not in control, or have no choice.
  3. Focus on what is good in your family and friends
  4. Honesty is the best policy – Be honest with each other and, above all else, make sure you find time to laugh together.
  5. Surround yourselves with the young children in your family, get down on the floor at their level and play games together – it is so much fun!


Wishing you wonderful holidays from all the team at Peace Direct


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