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Future goals for development

  • Published

    30 October 2013
  • Written by

    Rachel O'Sullivan

The United Nations is giving you the opportunity to have your say on the future goals for world development due to replace the Millennium Development Goals when they expire in 2015. The MDGs were established by the UN in 2000, defined for audiences worldwide as a set of goals focused on a singular objective: the ‘global anti-poverty goals’, described by Turkish President Abdullah Gül as ‘the biggest anti-poverty push in history’. The goals were deliberately ambitious and while understandably some countries have struggled to achieve, notable progress has been made by many others.

The United Nations General Assembly is now focusing on the post-2015 development goals to ensure that this progress continues. And they want to know what are your priorities. The My World survey aims to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so that global leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the new development agenda for the world. It’s easy to find and fill in at

In order to ensure that peace remains an important factor in future development goals, we’re looking for your input. Peace is not listed as an individual choice but it is indicated through the governance, freedom and violent reduction choices. There is also the option of adding in your own choice. If you want to vote for what you feel are the most important peace related elements and contribute to future development goals then just follow this link: and have your say. Your voice could make a real difference.


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