Get involved

Get involved


Together we can stop conflict and save lives.

In conflict zones around the world, local people are taking steps to stop wars, save lives and build peace.

Their work means the people they live next to no longer have to flee from war, hatred and violence.

It is these people we stand up for. You can stand up for them too.


How you can help


We have amazing staff, but could always use an extra hand when it comes to building peace. There are several steps that volunteers can take to help us out! If you would like to volunteer, download more information below and please contact


For internship opportunities, see our jobs/opportunities page. We are currently looking for a Peacebuilding Outreach and Communications intern based in Washington DC.

Spread the word

Peace Direct’s supporter base has grown by word of mouth. Please sign up to our newsletter and follow us on social media, and encourage others to do the same. If you could offer to speak at a faith group, university or other setting, please contact

Host an event

Our staff and partners may be coming to your city soon! We would be glad to speak to a group in your area if we are traveling there, or if you’d like to support our staff or partners to come visit. You can also host your own event to share about Peace Direct and help raise support. A dinner, movie screening, or other fun event can make a great fundraiser. Please contact with your ideas.

Financial support

We’re always looking for donations to fund the work that we do and support our local partners. Please consider making a contribution yourself and asking friends and family to do so. Creative ideas from past volunteers include asking for sponsors to donate to Peace Direct for a race you run, asking for donations instead of holiday gifts, or sending a personal appeal for donations on International Peace Day (September 21) to friends and familyPlease contact with your ideas.

Peace Direct updates

Keep up to date with our work.