Get involved

Get involved

The values that Peace Direct celebrates – entrepreneurship, risk taking and self-help – resonate strongly in America. US foundations such as Humanity United, Fetzer Foundation, Compton Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers are already supporting our work and that of our partners.

We have funded many website projects, Insight on Conflict is the best. Robert Adams, Fetzer Insitute

Moreover, the US is the base for powerful multilaterals such as the UN and the World Bank. We will be seeking to persuade them to make much greater use of local capacity for peacebuilding.

But building a public supporter base has always been central to Peace Direct’s mission. We want to inspire people with our stories of transformation in conflict areas across the world.

Here are some things you can do:

  • Talk about us to your friends – your enthusiasm is worth a thousand mailings!
  • Put us forward for a collection in your faith group.
  • Celebrate a birthday, wedding, anniversary or Christmas by asking your friends to donate to Peace Direct.
  • If you have a talent– dance, music, theater – put on a show for us and help support Peace Direct.
  • Show the film Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a powerful feature film about how Liberian women, led by Nobel laureate Leymah Gbowee, helped end a vicious war.
  • Join our Board – we are particularly interested in people with fundraising and financial expertise to complement the existing Board members.

Even the smallest contribution counts for a lot, and we will be truly grateful for anything that you can do for us. Please contact us at to see how we can support your fundraising.

From time to time we may also be looking for paid or volunteer help.

How you can help


Peace Direct has always attracted volunteers, many with skills in areas such as design, PR, photography and video editing. If you would like to volunteer please contact


For internship opportunities, see our jobs/opportunities page. We are currently looking for a Peacebuilding Outreach and Communications intern based in Washington DC.

Spread the word

Peace Direct’s supporter base has grown by word of mouth. If you could offer to speak at a faith group, university or other setting, please contact


From singing carols to cycling the length of the country, Peace Direct supporters are not short of fundraising ideas. Please contact with your ideas.

Peace Direct updates

Keep up to date with our work.