Supporting local action against conflict

Taking a lead from locals

We believe that local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict – and to build their own better futures.

Our mission is to help them make this happen.

We are an international charity dedicated to supporting local peacebuilding.

In the world’s most fragile countries, we seek out local peacebuilders who are making a real difference – building peace from the grassroots up, preventing conflict in the places where it starts – locally.

They are disarming rebels, resettling refugees, healing communities, reviving economies. They work at great personal risk on crucial problems like child soldiers, women and conflict, youth and peace, political violence. They are the key to preventing conflicts and creating a lasting peace.

We find them, fund them, and promote their work to those in the wider world who can help with finance or influence.

What's so special about local peacebuilders?

The peacebuilders we support are remarkable individuals doing life-saving work. They are disarming rebels, resettling refugees, uniting communities and reviving economies. They work at great personal risk, on modest budgets, to build a safer future for their own communities.

Local peacebuilders bring personal courage and dedication. They also bring many advantages over outside ‘experts’ from the international community:

  • They understand their own communities in real depth – including the causes of conflict, the key players and the possible solutions.
  • They are known and respected within their communities – giving them access, trust and moral authority among those involved in conflict.
  • They can monitor and reach areas and groups that outsiders cannot – allowing them to respond to conflicts early and effectively.
  • They are committed for the long term because this is where they live – so they continue when outsiders withdraw, and their work has sustained impact.
  • They run programmes with local facilities and at local rates – costing far less than expensive international operations.

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You can help them too

We can’t do this life-saving work without support from the public, foundations and other donors. If you’d like to support their life-saving work, you can make a donation or help our fundraising.

We’re keen for other organisations to adopt the local approach. Our policy section contains concept papers and resources for policy-makers and practitioners in conflict resolution. Our Local First campaign brings together interested parties from across the development sector for discussion and collaboration.

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