Peace Direct is able to provide training for those interested in local peacebuilding.

For 12 years, our dedicted team has been learning alongside our partners, undertaking innovative research and finding sustainable ways of supporting local peacebuilders.

We have supported local peacebuilding organisations in over 25 countries around the world, providing vital assistance to ensure grassroots action stopping conflict and violence can continue, and grow. To learn from our expertise, get in touch at

Carrying Responding to Conflict’s work forward

In April 2016, the Responding to Conflict (RTC) Board of Trustees took the decision to close down the organisation, after 25 years serving the peacebuilding sector.

Recognising the important work that RTC has done over the years to build the capacity of local peacebuilding organisations worldwide, Peace Direct has agreed to carry forward some of RTC’s work, to ensure that the vital support to local peacebuilders continues.

Dylan Mathews, CEO of Peace Direct said: “Since 1991, Responding to Conflict have been doing a fantastic job of working in areas affected by conflict to transform violence and build peace. In the current economic climate, it is increasingly difficult for small organisations to survive and it is with deep regret that RTC have taken the decision to close.

RTC’s work is in strong alignment with Peace Direct’s own mission and it is with great confidence that Peace Direct now take this on. As we strive to raise the profile of local peacebuilding around the world, the incorporation of some of RTC’s excellent work to our portfolio gives us a stronger voice as we make the case to the international community about the power of locally led peace.”

Simon Fisher, Founder of Responding to Conflict said: “I am delighted that Peace Direct has taken on some of RTC’s core work. The two organisations have very similar values with complementary strengths. The synergies created in the coming months will be exciting.”

Over the coming months, Peace Direct will be developing plans to continue some of RTC’s work.

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Peace Exchanges

We believe in the power of bringing together local peacebuilders to share experiences, learn from one another, strategise and amplify their voices to policy makers and donors. We know how much local peacebuilders value this support. We have over five years experience of convening international conferences, that we call ‘Peace Exchanges’ with local peacebuilding organisations from around the world.

Each Peace Exchange is unique. Participants determine their own agenda and set their own priorities. In 2015 we were approached by the UN to convene these meetings. Our 2016 Peace Exchange in Northern Nigeria brought together 17 organisations working on a wide range of conflict issues, particularly countering the threat from extremist groups like Boko Haram. Get in touch for more information or advice on these exchanges.

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Pakistan Peace Exchange

Peace Direct and the British Council brought together organisations struggling against the multiple different conflicts affecting Pakistan for an intensive three days of learning and sharing of skills. Read more »

CAR Peace Exchange report

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