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The work of local people who dedicate their lives to stopping war and building peace is rarely publicised.

Despite saving lives in war zones, their work is routinely overlooked, their projects remain underfunded and their successes aren’t replicated. This must change.

We map local organisations to raise awareness of local peacebuilding and increase public support for them.

Peace Insight


Published by Peace Direct, Peace Insight is the leading online resource mapping local peacebuilding in conflict zones worldwide.

This flagship website maps and profiles over 1,500 local peacebuilding organisations working on the frontlines of war. Our unique network of Local Peacebuilding Experts provides first hand insight into 44 conflicts raging around the world.

The site is a one-stop resource for journalists, academics, peacebuilders and policy makers looking to understand the scope and impact of conflict resolution work around the world.

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On Peace Insight, we pull in the latest data from war zones onto one map.  

The updated mapping tool brings together instances of violent outbreaks alongside instances of local peacebuilding, showing exactly what is being done to halt violence 

 We publish timely updates from hard to reach conflict zones, reported from a unique network of 44 local experts who have unparalleled access to those caught up in violence.  



Mapping early warning in DR Congo

We have undertaken a comprehensive research and mapping project in DR Congo to identify the range of peacebuilding activities, discover how to better support collaboration between groups, and identify possible areas for future support.

We have researched both international organisations and local Congolese organisations active in early warning projects.

The research was completed via a wide range of semi-structured interviews, field visits and calls to many of the featured organisations.

The mapping documents 10 international early warning projects, and 32 local organisations involved in early warning.

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Our research demonstrates that there are a wide range of high quality programmes that are identifying and directly intervening to prevent conflicts on a wide range of issues, from land conflicts to demobilisation and reintegration of milita members.

However, a frequently voiced opinion in the interviews we conducted was that there was not enough sharing of information or collaboration between those different projects.

We hope the mapping can provide a practical resource to increase coordination, while facilitating more support to local groups active in this area.


Mapping local peacebuilding in South Sudan

Unity State in South Sudan is a complex, hostile environment with long standing and emerging armed conflicts between multiple groups.

A legacy of ethnic strife and recurring trauma combined with recent escalation of large scale political violence from late 2013 makes an already complex situation worse.

This project will map local peacebuilding organisations and work efforts to better understand obstacles locals face, and identify ways to scale up local capacity.

It will compile crucial data in a largely invisible conflict zone, address a knowledge gap and identify opportunities to support those already working on the ground in this complex and fractured environment.



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