Stop wars, one person at a time by training a young person to build peace.

Train a peacebuilder

Each minute, 24 people are forced to flee their home because of war or oppression. 


Today, one in five people live in countries shattered by conflict.


Aisha is that one in five. She is 25 and lives in Nigeria.



Boko Haram can pay just $3 to a young person to burn down their school. They will take it. They have nothing else

For many like Aisha, the future seems hopeless.

But despite the lack of opportunity and the lure of violent extremist group Boko Haram, Aisha is training as a tailor and learning about peace.  

She is becoming a peacebuilder.


Together we can build peace, one person at a time.

 Donate $32 a month to help train someone like Aisha today.
 You’ll follow their story and see the impact training is having on their life. 


Train a peacebuilder


When war is so complex, it can seem impossible to help. 

But there is a solution.

The answer starts locally, one person at a time.


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You can be the difference

War destroys communities, with the fallout continuing for years to come. But peace is contagious. A single peacebuilder can transform the attitudes and actions of hundreds, with lasting benefits.

Peacebuilders are ordinary people, working for local grassroots organisations, committed to achieving peace by tackling the root causes of conflict—like prejudice, fear, and poverty.  

They’re on the ground, part of the community, taking part in activities that aim to stop wars and conflict from starting, continuing, and escalating.

With your contributions of $32 a month, over the next nine months, you can ensure that a peacebuilder has the training, support, and skills needed to begin building peace.

Train a peacebuilder


Photo: Greg Funnell


Creating peace, one person at a time

Peace Direct believes that local people have the answers to the problems in their communities.

By partnering with local organizations in areas of conflict, we help them scale already-impactful peacebuilding projects, enable others, and work to stop war and save lives.

We don’t “arrive” in conflict zones, or “leave” them—we work with local people for as long as it takes to build peace one person at a time.

This is where you come in.

Train a peacebuilder




Photo by Greg Funnell.