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Sabhuku’s story

This is Sabhuku’s story – he is a traditional leader in Zimbabwe who worked with our local partner, Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust, on a project supported by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

My name is Sabhuku Nyamaromo, born and raised here in Chief Ndandawa Village, and I am a traditional leader. My role is to bring leadership to my village and be a mediator in conflict situations. I also play a big role in boundary disputes, people tend to fight a lot over that and I as a village head I handle these matters.

“I have attended the traditional leaders training with Envision and I have learnt a lot. Personally, I used to be a violent man, I know a lot of people in my village will agree with me. Even my own wife was always in trouble with me.  

Sabhuku, a Traditional Leader in Zimbabwe
Sabhuku, a traditional leader in the Hurungwe district of Zimbabwe.

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“When I attended Envision’s Conflict Transformation and Traditional Leaders’ training my eyes were opened and I saw myself in another light. I realised that it was good to be a peace-loving person as a leader and to also teach others to be peaceful. They taught us about mediation, I enjoyed that topic.

“I don’t fight so much with my wife now, I understand she has her rights too. I cannot say I am perfect but I know I am not the same person I was before attending training by Envision Zimbabwe. I recommend these trainings to everybody in the community and even in other wards outside this one. In fact the whole country should have such programs for all traditional leaders. It is good for development at the household level and across the country.

“Corruption and violence are big obstacles to long term change in our country. We should all learn to share the resources we have, leaders need to stop being greedy and taking all the wealth for themselves. By sharing our resources, we can address issues of development such as everybody having access to hospitals and schools. Only then can we live in peace.

“Envision Zimbabwe’s trainings need to be continued until everybody in the country understands conflict transformation and how to live in harmony with each other. They should also be carried out with our leaders at the top in government.”


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With thanks to the Players of the People’s Postcode Lottery for making this work possible.


Photos credit: Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust

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